Horseback Riding

We teach all aspects of basic horsemanship focusing on respect and understanding of our equine friends. We encourage our students to develop trust and self confidence working in harmony with their assigned mount. Our school horses are mostly retired show winners with many awards and championships under saddle. Our horses are accustomed to the disciplines, exercises and practices necessary to allow riders of all levels the advantage of learning from skilled, patient and forgiving well trained animals.

The relationship developed on your first ride lasts forever and is transferred to other horses. The rider becomes more accomplished mastering techniques passed down through centuries of teachings.

We invite you to schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors. Your horse will be waiting for you to begin the partnership and fun starting with handling and grooming procedures. We will explain about the tack & equipment we’re using as we saddle and bridle your horse together, help you mount and ride safely. This is a very special experience for first timers and advanced equestrians.

Visitors are always welcome to watch from the rail. Learning while observing from others is an added tool to mirror our own strengths and accomplishments.

We teach the classical correctness of English and Hunt Seat equitation to all of our students. We also offer Western stock saddles for those cowboy wannabee’s who just want to have an easy going pleasure ride. Let us know and we’ll accommodate your requests.

We host small groups of a couple of friends who want to ride together and large parties at the ranch. We’ll provide saddled horses for all of your family and guests to ride safely with proper supervision.

Bring a camera and carrots. Our horses are always like treats.

Riding Academy Parties

Introductory horseback riding all ages, kids, teens and adults

Options include:

  • Pony and Horse education and rides
  • Educational "FarmAnimal" petting zoo
  • "Exotic Animal" Presentation
  • Environmental Awareness program
  • Arts and nature crafts
  • Farm games
  • Take home photos with exotic animals, tropical birds, baby alligator, monkeys and more…