Osceola Florida Panther Fund

(Animals of the Everglades)

Students learn about the animals of Florida and the River of Grass. We teach environmental skills which protect our threatened ecosystem. Tour our working ranch and complete the day holding a live baby alligator.

Farming Around

Students will learn about our barnyard animals, including feeds, maintenance and care. The visit concludes with a real worn horse shoe for every student to take home as a keepsake. Pony rides with our instructors are available.

A Horse Is a Horse

Learn about horses and ponies through this fun hands-on program. Acquire knowledge of horsemanship, equine anatomy, their senses and behaviors, health, care and more. Students will groom and brush our horses before their hand-held horseback riding experience with our instructors.


  • Horsemanship
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Horse Senses & Behaviors
  • Horse Types and Breeds
  • Health & Care
  • Saddles and Tack
  • Riding Styles
  • Art With Horses - Drawing, painting or creating a craft that captures their experience
  • Horse and pony rides are available for an additional fee.